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M4TTER is the Metaverse-dedicated one-stop incubator, growing the next wave of pioneering Web 3.0 projects shaping the landscape of the future.

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With an ever-increasing network of partners, alongside the experienced M4TTER team, we provide Web 3.0 projects with the necessary tools they need to launch and scale successfully.
The M4TTER incubator ingests a large stream of start-up projects requiring specific Web 3.0 resources tailored to their needs. From marketing to smart contracts, we continue to grow our extensive list of competent partners to help them on their journey.
Through the development of M4TTER projects, there will be opportunities to embed your services within the teams and potentially receive equity for your services.

Working with M4TTER allows you to grow your work and investment portfolios at the same time.

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Tech Support

Join us today to share your ecosystem of blockchain developers, assigned to migration, development or advisory tasks.


Provide exposure to M4TTER projects within your community or provide support in marketing and PR initiatives.

Blockchain Advisory

Working on blockchain projects helping them scale? Join the M4TTER partner network to gain access to new and successful propositions.

Business Advisory

Many of our incubated projects need appropriate direction in building sustainable businesses set to grow and scale.


Are you a freelancer looking to get into the world of blockchain development? Register your interest to be connected with Web 3.0 projects today.

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If you think you or your company can provide a service that we have not included then please do get in touch.

Case studies

M4TTER have an extensive list of projects and case studies building success stories on the Caduceus blockchain