Start building the future with M4TTER

The M4TTER Incubation Program, dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs aiming to build and cultivate the future of Metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies within the Caduceus ecosystem.

At M4TTER we specialise in cultivating exceptional Web 3.0 projects. We provide core support services and access to our partner network, to grow projects for launch, listing and scaling.

Launch faster with M4TTER

We provide all the tools and connections you need to build and scale your Web 3.0 concepts

Seamless launch

Access through our network to all pre launch and post launch connections

Access to funding

In addition to the initial grant we connect projects to over 200 Venture Capital firms

Faster scaling

Opportunities to progress to our LaunchPad partner and scale the project future

Our Services

Tech Support

Get access to developers that can guide you through the deployment process and the migration onto the Caduceus blockchain.

Listing and Liquidity

Through the Caduceus Network we can connect your project to a number of listing and liquidity partners and support you to launch.


We can provide connections to our vast network of Venture Capital firms, aiding teams through pitch development, funding rounds, and listing period.


Get introduced to legal partners at the forefront of the crypto sphere, providing end-to-end advice and security for your project.


We can provide marketing and promotion across our network. Providing exposure through, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels.

Blockchain Advisory

We provide advisory for a range of project areas guided by the experienced M4TTER team to connect with a plethora of expert partners.

How we work together.

Apply to the M4TTER incubator today and start building on the Caduceus (CMP) blockchain
Apply Today
Click the link above to apply for M4TTER
Project Evaluation
The M4TTER Team, composed of experienced members of the Caduceus Foundation will review Projects' applications and provide feedback within 30 days
Promising Projects
Projects will be invited to a 60-minute online interview to present:
the project,
a roadmap, technical review, and -milestones
Caduceus Onboarding
Selected projects will then be invited for a follow-up call, introduced to M4TTER partners and supported  all the way through to migration onto the Caduceus chain

Case studies

M4TTER have an extensive list of projects and case studies building success stories on the Caduceus blockchain