Caduceus Ecosystem Grant Program Public Handbook

Last Updated: 14/11/2022



As part of our goal to facilitate the growth of the Caduceus ecosystem, we offer a grants program that funds entrepreneurs aimed at building and growing the future of Web 3.0 and metaverse technologies on the Caduceus network, to provide value to the Caduceus ecosystem.

πŸ‘‰Part 1 - General Guidelines

1 - Requirements and improved chance of Acceptance‍

Your project will have a higher chance of being accepted if:
● It integrates /deploys on Caduceus network within 2 weeks of the application
submission or before.

● It has a well-researched or tested concept, for which ideally you are able to show some prior work; a minimum viable product (MVP), or a high level architecture model.

● Your team can demonstrate that your project will be maintained after completion of the grant, be it through an obvious commitment to the technology from your side, additional funding sources or an existing business model.

● Your team has proven experience with the relevant industry knowledge and
technologies and/or a strong technical background. You will be asked to provide the
LinkedIn and/or Github profiles of your team members as part of your application,
which we will examine for past activities.

● Your application is rich in detail and well-defined. Your milestones are clear and

● The team can clearly present how your project stands out among competitors,
deals with obstacles within your market, and implements technology that doesn’t
exist in the ecosystem yet.

● The project provides clear value to the Caduceus ecosystem.

Additionally, it must fulfil the following requirements:

● We highly recommend that projects deploy on the Caduceus network straight away after your application is submitted.

● Projects are required to show 1+ milestones based on the grant sizes and submit
all relevant materials with your applications.

● Projects that are open-sourced will provide a Github Repository in the application.
For non-open-sourced, it is optional but nice to have.

2 - Target Growth Areas

The Caduceus Foundation grant program is currently focusing on projects applying for a grant belongs to the following categories:
● DeFi
● GameFi / Metaverse
● DAOs
● Infrastructure
● Payments
● Education
● Launchpads
● Financial Inclusion
● Social Impact
● Legal/Security Systems
● Other (and please specify)

3 - We Won’t Accept

We will not give grants to projects that are affiliated with illegal trades, money laundering, or criminal activities in general. We also do not fund adult industry projects (pornographic content), and controversial projects that go against LGBTQ+ communities or that are sexist and/or racist.
Additionally, we do not accept applications that use grant money towards:
● Conducting token sales and ICO launches
● Direct rewards to end users
● Paying founders salaries
● Mockups or product roadmaps only

We may also decline applications because of the following reasons:

● Your project is not aligned with Caduecus’s values
● Your team lacks relevant experience
● Your project is missing proof of concept
● Your application quality is poor
● Your project lacks of value proposition

If your application is declined for a grant from above reasons, we still welcome you to continue to apply for our grants program once you are ready again. We also highly
encourage you to connect and to continue building on Caduceus.

4 - Alternative paths

As part of our plan towards expanding the Caduceus ecosystem, we will encourage and redirect eligible projects to apply for our Incubator Program.


πŸ‘‰Part 2 - About Grants

1 - Funding and Support

The Caduceus Foundation Grants Program offers up to $10K to help you best depending on your current project stage. We may also provide investment offers up to $300K to the best and most promising projects.
❗More than just funding❗
You will get the chance to obtain extra support from us to empower your project
development, such as co-marketing activities, listing partner and VC introductions, and tech support.
You will also be able to explore potential opportunities with all partners
inside the Caduceus ecosystem

2 - Grant Size

We are currently offering two funding tiers, and please craft your application accordingly:
● $5,000
● $10,000

3 - Milestones

Caduceus Foundation Grants are required to have milestones based on the grant sizes you apply for – 1 milestone for $5,000 and 2 milestones for $10,000. Project milestones mark specific points along a project’s timeline. They are checkpoints that identify when key developments or groups of activities have been completed, as well as demonstrating project progress.
Each milestone will need to include deliverables. They are the building blocks of your project, and can be used as evidence to prove your milestones are completed.

Success metrics should also be included in the final milestone. Top success metrics that can be considered:
● The number of daily/weekly/monthly active users you have
● The number of social media followers and/or community members you increased
● Posting once your project has launched on Caduceus main-net
Milestones can relate to your product development, user metrics, integrations and others that are relevant to your project. The template is shown below:

Milestone Template


4 - Payments

Payment of the grant will be in stable coins (USDC or USDT). The Caduceus Foundation can also provide payment in CMP tokens based on request and approval from the Caduceus team.

πŸ‘‰Part 3 - Process Overview

1 - How To Submit Your Grant Application

1.0 - Please read our FAQs, this Handbook Guidelines, and Terms & Conditions to
familiarise yourself with this grant program as a whole before you start your application.

1.1 - Navigate to the Application
You can apply through our website: or via F6S:

*If you don’t have an F6S account, we suggest you register it first and fill out the application form afterwards.*

1.2 - Fill out the Application Form
Make sure you enter information as much as possible about your project in a detailed and clear way, and submit relevant documents or links as required.‍


1.3 - Submit your Application
Make sure you complete and submit your application once you have filled in the information. At this stage, you will receive an email from F6S notifying you that we have received your grant application.


2 - Application Review Process

For the current cohort, application closes at 5pm on 23rd December 2022. The successful projects and grant payment will be announced on 06th February2023.

During the Observation stage, we will review your project based on your milestone achievements and other aspects which include but are not limited to: product or service qualities, on-chain data, market reputation, and growth potential. Different verticals will be evaluated with varying indicators.

Application Review Process


This document was last updated on November 14, 2022