A Play-To-Earn game that combines the virtual and real worlds of horse racing. Players can race NFT racehorses, breed & trade them.


Play-to-earn games are ushering in the next generation of platforms.

It has now been over a year since the creation of MetaRace Started to begin. There have been many ups and downs throughout this creation, whilst Caduceus Blockchain was still in its final development stages, it still provided guidance, funding, and expertise to the MetaRace Team. This paper discusses Caduceus’s involvement in MetaRace.

MetaRace is a horse racing P2E (Play-To-Earn) and is the first metaverse game that is due to launch on the Caduceus blockchain. With many ways to play including racing, collecting, and trading. MetaRace is the game that collides the world of horse racing with the metaverse using blockchain technology and high levels of edge rendering to make use of heavy computational power which it requires to run smoothly.  MetaRace’s future roadmap includes NFT racing, such as racecars and racing cars. At the moment the MetaRace horse NFT consists of 4 types of genesis horses and 6 major genetic attributes. The 4 horse breeds are Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, Byerly Turk, and Satoshi Nakamoto.

By breeding the ultimate horse, holders and owners can win weekly rewards to monthly and yearly rewards. The project will also consist of two tokenomics, the first token economy will be 210 million META tokens and the second token economy will be with a supply of 10 billion RACE tokens.

From an early stage of development, Caduceus has helped sustain and provide in-depth expertise to the team at MetaRace, providing them with the tools, funding, market, guidance, partners, and exposure they would need to move forward.

Caduceus has also provided the perfect blockchain to build on, offering everything MetaRace needs to build the game and grow into their plans and remain efficient thanks to its edge rendering nodes. The project received many rounds of funding to get them to the stage it needed to be. Hard work, dedication, and a strong desire to make a project successful provide Caduceus with pride to support a project like MetaRace.

At the moment the game still hasn't launched and is still in beta versions, and neither has the NFT launched. However, the token $META is live but not tradable as of yet. It has been audited and passed a certiK audit. The NFT drop is scheduled in the next couple of months. The game is still in development to a certain extent,  things are still being tweaked and edited for final touches. 

The team has overcome many challenges; from finding the right team members, to finalising the plans and tokenomics structure. Ensuring a successful deployment of smart contracts. This was done with the expertise of the Caduceus Team and are excited to continue to help and assist MetaRace with its growth, deployment, and sustaining itself post-launch.

The Future of MetaRace plans includes improving the game engine to run on unreal engine5 and providing a AAA game for MetaRace users. MetaRace will bring XR into the game and aim to provide a more lifelike horse racing experience. Partnerships, brand ambassadors, and more! 

Caduceus is excited to continue supporting MetaRace as their first play-to-earn game on their platform.


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